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Technology is a big part of our lives, so we regularly remind each other how to be safe on line.
Hazel Ducker Headteacher(2)
Head Teacher's Welcome
We converted to 1 Excellence MAT on 1st July 2017.

Welcome to the Autumn Term!  Reading is our key focus for EVERYONE!   Don't forget to get mums and dads to sign your planner to say you have read this week!

On Friday 20th October, Year 6 (in Mrs Connor’s Literacy class) ran Pentland Primary School.

In class, children had been challenged to write a persuasive argument with the title: “Should Year 6 children be able to run the school for the day?” Our our writing was at the Year 6 standard, so we were allowed the priviliege of running the school for a day.

We undertook a variety of roles:

  • Answered telephone calls
  • Acted as the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher
  • Undertook lunch and playtime duties
  • Taught lessons throughout the school
  • Lead KS2 assembly
  • Had playtime in the staffroom like the teachers!

Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.

Children In Need 2017

We raised £513.86 by:

  • having discos at playtime where we sold cakes, sweets, crisps and juice 
  • coming in fancy dress or our own clothes

We had a fabulous day. A big thank you to Mrs Featherstone and the School Council for organising it.

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