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Pentland Primary School Annual Governors' Report


Pentland Primary School Annual Governor Report 2015 and 2016.  


Systems for secure governance

To allow governors to be assured that they are monitoring the work of the school well, the following has been set up:

  1. Annual Planning meeting with staff and governors to meet and discuss the School Improvement Plan - next meeting set for Friday September 2nd September 2016.
  2. Allocation of key areas to individual governors to monitor and report to the full Governing Body regularly.
  3. Framework of questions set up by the Chair to support governors work.

Challenge around Outcomes in Early Years, Phonics and the new curriculum


Under the new OfSTED schedule, governors are aware of increased expectations around outcomes in Early Years.  There are similar pressures to raise attainment in the Phonics Standard for Year Ones.  Governors are also monitoring closely how the school is progressing with regard to attainment against the new curriculum which reports for the first time this summer. 

Governors closely monitor the performance of and provision for vulnerable groups to ensure gaps do not widen and accelerated progress is evident. 

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