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Our School Council

Meet your School Council

Our School Councillors are voted for at the beginning of each school year. Every Key Stage Two class has two representatives and the Key Stage One and Early Years children are represented by the School Captains.

The School Captains are Year 6 children who had to make a speech about why they wanted such an important role. They made this speech in front of all the Year 5/6 children and staff who then voted for their preferred candidates. The School Captains have to represent the school on official occasions and give tours around the school to visitors.

The School Council meets weekly on Thursday lunchtimes. The meetings are chaired by the School Captains and we let classes know what we have discussed by sending out leaflets and talking in assemblies.

Our School Captains


What does the School Council do?

The School Council is the voice of the children in Pentland Primary School. In our Class Council meetings, we listen to the children and report their thoughts and ideas to the School Council meeting.

We then discuss these ideas and vote if we are going to take any action on them. The actions might involve School Council making a decision or asking a member of staff to help. All decisions are reported back to classes.

We also raise funds at different times during the year. In November, we held a non uniform day and organised a disco for Children in Need raising our highest amout of £513.86 . For  the British Legion,  we raised £206 by selling poppies and poppy related merchandise.

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