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Welcome to Nursery


Children made crowns to celebrate the Queen's birthday

Our Staff


Mrs Brockbank & Mrs Sykes

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Mrs. McGhee

Miss Leighton

Miss Oliver (part time)

Mrs. Allan (lunch time)

Miss Etherington ( lunch time)

A day in the life of Nursery


Pentland Primary follows the Ruth Miskin programme Read, Write, Inc. 

It is a fun and interactive way to support children in learning how to read and write. Once children begin learning sounds, they are used quickly to read and spell words. Children can then see the purpose of learning sounds. For this reason, the first six letters that are taught are   ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘d’, ‘t’. These can immediately be used to make a number of words such as ‘sat’, ‘mat’, ‘dad’, ‘sad’, ‘mad’. We use our Fred Fingers to help us sound out and blend words. 


Reading with your child is very important. Encouraging your child to share books and making this a positive experience will help on their journey to becoming competent readers. 

  • Rhyme of the Week- Each week we will be focusing on a new rhyme. The rhyme will be explored, recited and sang in school over the week period and we ask you to enhance this experience by helping your child do the same at home. 
  • Story of the Week- We believe it is important for children to enjoy listening to and reading a variety of stories. Each story will be explored in a variety of ways within school through reading, role-play, puppets, and singing over a two week period and we ask you to enhance this experience by regularly reading with your child at home. Please see notice boards for Rhyme and Story of the weeks.


In problem solving, reasoning and numeracy the children will be given a wide range of experiences both indoor and outdoor to develop their skills and knowledge in counting, number recognition, shape, space, measures and pattern. We will provide the children with opportunities to create their own patterns and continue a repeat pattern. At home please practise number formation, simple addition, subtraction, counting, time, money etc. and relate these to everyday life.


A homework task will be set each week linked to our topic or to your child’s learning. Please return any homework completed. We love to see this work and display it for all the school to see.

Useful Links

Supporting your child at home is of paramount importance. We regularly send out activities for you to share with your child and a homework activity is updated each week on our weekly newsletter. Links below may also give you some valuable ideas.






A Special Folder

We value your child's work and like to keep work samples to make up a learning journey. Each child has  a red file which is kept in nursery and available for you to look at and share with your child at the start of each session. If your child has done something special at home, please bring it in so that we can share it and add to their journey. Thank you.

WOW Moments

Here in Nursery we get as excited as you do watching your child grow and develop, and would like to celebrate all their achievements - whether they happen at school or at home with you. We would love to hear from you abuot the things your child enjoys or achieves. It helps us to create a 'well-rounded' picture of who your child really is. 

These 'WOW Moments' can tell us anything of interest that you'd like to share with us. FOr example, your child talked about the characters in their bedtime story, a trip to the park offarm, how thye built a tall lego tower and counted how many blocks they used, and many more besides!


We are here to help and support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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