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Miss Etherington, Mrs Newman

Teaching and Learning in Reception

Our aim throughout the Reception year is to support and to teach children to achieve the Early Learning Goals, in preparation for Year 1. There are 17 Early Learning Goals which are described in the Early Years Outcomes below:

A parent’s guide to the EYFS curriculum can be found in the Parents Guide below:

In our Early Years we believe that play is the foundation of development and learning for young children. Your child will take part in many indoor and outdoor play experiences that will help them to learn and have fun as they work towards the Early Learning Goals.

There will be regular opportunities for parents to meet with the EYFS staff to discuss their child’s development and to look through their learning journals, which documents their progress.

Our day in Reception


Pentland Primary follows the Ruth Miskin programme Read, Write, Inc. 

It is a fun and interactive way to support children in learning how to read and write. Once children begin learning sounds, they are used quickly to read and spell words. Children can then see the purpose of learning sounds. For this reason, the first six letters that are taught are   ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘d’, ‘t’. These can immediately be used to make a number of words such as ‘sat’, ‘mat’, ‘dad’, ‘sad’, ‘mad’. We use our Fred Fingers to help us sound out and blend words. 

Tricky words are words that cannot be ‘sounded-out’ but need to be learned by heart. They don’t fit into the usual spelling patterns. In order to read simple sentences, it is necessary for children to know some words that have unusual or untaught spellings. It should be noted that, when teaching these words, it is important to always start with sounds already known in the word, then focus on the ‘tricky’ part. The first 6 tricky words we learn in class are: I, go, to no, into and the.


Reading with your child is very important. Encouraging your child to share books and making this a positive experience will help on their journey to becoming competent readers. In the Early Years your child will be given a book when he or she is ready. Children will start by taking picture books home to develop their imagination and knowledge of how a story is structured. When their class teacher or you feel they are ready to start the schools reading scheme (Oxford Reading Tree) we will start to send one home on a Wednesday. A record will also be sent and an informative note would be appreciated on how the child has read. A good example of a useful and specific comment would be:

‘Enjoyed story, b/d reversal, struggled with sound 'sh'.'

We will use this information to inform our guided reading and phonics planning with the children.


In problem solving, reasoning and numeracy the children will be given a wide range of experiences both indoor and outdoor to develop their skills and knowledge in counting, number recognition, shape, space, measures and pattern. We will provide the children with opportunities to create their own patterns and continue a repeat pattern. At home please practise number formation, simple addition, subtraction, counting, time, money etc. and relate these to everyday life.

Names in PE kits

PE for Reception will be on a Wednesday. Can we please ask all PE kits are labelled and ear rings removed. At home whenever you have time can you please practise with your child getting ready independently and encourage this.


Homework will be added to your child's communication book each week. This may be a maths, writng or topic piece of homework. Please ensure books are returned on a Monday for our show and tell sessions and so that we can add in the next piece of homework.  


Useful Links







Amazing Apps 



Pocket Phonics

Little foc muic box

ABC song

123 Colour HD


Oral Health

Each day all the children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 clean their teeth. The children all understand the important of keeping their teeth clean and love brushing their teeth after lunch. 

"They might go black or yellow."

"We brush our teeth two time. One a morning and before bed."

"We need to keep our teeth nice and clean."

Snack time

In Reception children are encouraged to eat healthily. We have fruit everyday and the children have a great understanding of the benifits of a healthy lifestyle. 

"We eat healthy food to make us big and strong."

"To give us energy."

"So we have strong muscles."

Open Days in Reception

In Reception we are very enthusiastic about establishing secure home school links. We love sharing what we do in school with the children and invite parents in on regular occassions to work alongside their children to help them grow and develop.

Recently we have held a Reading Cafe. Children and parents enjoyed working together in a cosy environment reading exciting stories with their children, using story sacks to act out their favourite stories and play lots of phonics games. 

Parent Share

We’ve added a new way to stay up-to-date with what your child is doing in school by sending reports home showing you what your child has been learning and the new skills they are developing.

We think these reports will really brighten up your day! Please make sure we have a current e-mail address for you so that we can share these with you! 

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