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Cornerstones Curriculum

This is a commercial scheme that Pentland bought in 2014.  It gives us a framework to which we can work.  It helps us to ensure that we have full coverage of the curriculum – and gives us starting points for exciting topics to use with the children.

Below is a link to where you can find out more about a couple of the topics, The Enchanted Wood (Year One) and Scrumdiddlyumptious! (Year Three).


There are many schools locally that are also using it.  We are networking with them to share good practice and swap good resources.  

Please note that this is a framework; Pentland uses it as a starting point and develops work around the specific needs and interests of our children.  We ensure it includes local interest, aspects of work on British values, democracy, equality for all, PSHE as well as broadening our children’s understanding of the big, wide world!

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