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Maths Curriculum

Foundation Stage

Maths in Nursery is cross-curricular everyday within the setting. Maths is very practical based and children are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge in all areas of play. Staff work alongside the children to develop their mathematical skills. Nursery have one topic related Maths focus session weekly which is teacher led in small key groups.

In Reception, children have a daily Maths session delivered in their maths groups. There are opportunities in all areas for children to apply their maths and secure their learning. Teachers continue to work alongside children in all areas of the setting to extend and develop their numeracy skills. During the early stages of Reception, Maths is very practical based, moving on to more formal Maths sessions to prepare the children for Year 1.

Key Stage One

Every day in Key Stage One children work on their Mental Maths. We recognise how important it is for children in Key Stage One to have fast recall of number facts. 

Year One

Children in Year One complete Maths in a Minute every day. The children try to answer 20 questions in a minute and constantly improve their time. These questions work on doubling, halving and number bonds. As the children grow more confident, the questions become more difficult. Year One are making real progress with Maths in a minute and we are proud of how hard they are working. 

Year Two

Children in Year Two complete Schofield and Sims every day. The children are working on a targetted Maths book that is at the correct level for them but still providing a challenge. The children complete one test a week - section A, B and C. The questions get harder throughout the test to stretch children to achieve their potential. Our Year 2 children are working really hard and have already moved onto a harder book this year. 

By the end of Key Stage One, the children should have achieved all the targets outlined in the Year 2 curriculum. 

Key Stage Two

Throughout Key Stage Two, children have Maths every day for 1 hour and 10 minutes. For the first ten minutes of the lesson, children complete parts of a Schofield and Sims test. They complete one Maths test a week - Section A, B and C and mark the test at the end of the week. Completing Schofield and Sims every day has helped children throughout Key Stage Two to improve their mental Maths skills, which has had an impact across their whole Maths learning. 


Every half term, Mrs Connor (Maths Co-ordinator) does a Maths assembly to share results from across Key Stage Two. The children who have improved their score are rewarded with a certificate and special sticker in front of all the Key Stage Two children. One child, every half term, receives a rosette for having the highest average score in Key Stage Two. This child wears this rosette around School with pride. 



Maths Champions

Every week, children throughout the whole school compete to be Maths champion! The children compete against each other to be the quickest child in their class at reciting their times tables and solving Maths problems. The winning child from each class wears a crown during their Maths lesson and during Fridays celebration assembly the champions wear their crown and sit on a throne. To be Maths champion is highly sought after by all children and to wear the golden crown is a great honour. 

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