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Carlton Residential Friday 17th June to Sunday 19th June

On Friday morning, from 8.30 am:

  • Come into school through the main office door.
  • Pupils must be wearing their clothes for the first day's activities - not school uniform.
  • Hand any medication (including travel sickness tablets for the return journey) to Mrs Fryett. An authorisation form must be completed for each item of medication - see below.
  • Hand all spare and reliever inhalers to Mrs Fryett.
  • We will depart by 9.15 at the latest.


Please see the full kit list which is attached below. 

Please name all kit - initials on the label will be helpful.

In summary, Carlton advise that pupils wear layers of clothing, so that they stay comfortable no matter what the weather. 

Pupils should have:

  • trousers which are not jeans
  • long-sleeved tops (other tops can be worn as long as they are not vest tops and pupils have a long sleeved layer to wear on top).
  • socks - long socks preferred - not small trainer type socks.
  • hat (e.g. a baseball cap).
  • gloves - not mittens or fingerless
  • outerwear - not long 'town wear' coats. Carlton will provide all waterproofs.

Don't forget all the other essentials:

  • towel
  • face cloth
  • shower gel
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • sun protection
  • hairbrush / comb
  • hair bobbles - to tie back long hair
  • pyjamas
  • underwear
  • shoes - we suggest 2 pairs (a pair of trainers for outside and another pair for keeping clean and wearing indoors)

What else can pupils bring?

  • A camera - pupils can bring a disposable camera. No electronic or digital cameras.
  • Some change to use in the vending machine - no more than a couple of pounds in a named purse or wallet.
  • Pupils must not bring mobile phones, jewellery, electronic games or any other electrical or expensive item.
  • Pupils must not bring any food or drink.

Contacting us in an emergency

I will text a mobile phone number on Friday morning.

Alternatively, ring school before 3pm on Friday and ring Carlton Outdoor Education Centre after that.

Return to school on Sunday

All children must be collected from the front of school.

We are aiming to leave at about 10am on the Sunday morning. The trip should only take about 40 minutes, so we should be back by 11 am. I will text you as we leave.

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