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Safeguarding information

All staff and governors safeguard the well-being of each child.  This is always the top priority.  To do this we:

  • Have rigorous procedures in place to ensure we have the right staff working here.
  • Have thorough training for all staff to ensure they are all familiar with the Child Protection protocols; this means that any concerns about a child are passed on to the right people quickly, reducing the risk of harm to all children.
  • Risk Assessments are done regularly to ensure that the premise is safe.
  • E-Safety is taught discretely and is embedded into all learning; this helps to teach all children how to keep safe on-line.

All work is based on Working Together to Safeguard children March 2015 

All of the above ensures that we have a community who take safeguarding seriously and are ready and quick to act if they have a concern.

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